Research Agenda

Sample list of current research projects

The State of York County: 2018 Well-Being Report

Vinny is undertaking a series of reports to identify the state of well-being in York County, Pennsylvania. This assessment covers the County as a whole, as well as 15 specific subdivisions. 

Homelessness in the Red Lion Area School District

With support from the Red Lion School District and the York County Commissioners, Vinny has undertaken a study to determine the prevalence of homelessness with the Red Lion Area School District. This mixed-methods analysis will add to our knowledge of poverty and homelessness among rural children, as well as assist the School District in developing public policies to better address this need.


Food Insecurity

The Institute will be conducting an in-depth evaluation of food insecurity through the County, as well as food insecurity facing students at York College. In both instances, the Institute plans to develop a better understanding of the extent of the problem and develop models to better assess risk factors and policy solutions.

Analysis of Local Elections in Pennsylvania

While voting is said to be at the heart of our democracy, are our elections keeping that promise? Taking an innovative approach to studying elections, the Institute has created a brand new dataset to study uncontested elections and what we are calling “non-candidate elections”.